Welcome to Alaska Bear Guides. We provide quality trophy hunts for Alaska Brown bear , Black bear , Mountain goat, Sitka blacktail deer and wolves.

We hunt brown bear primarily on Admiralty island. Admiralty has the highest density of brown bear in the world, the low estimate is 1.7 bears per square mile. All of our hunting occurs in the spring when the bears are just coming out of their dens and making their way to the beaches where we hunt them. All hunts are conducted from the 52' vessel "Chester B'. We use the 'Chester B' as a floating lodge for our meals and accommodations and then we use 18' Lund skiffs to hunt from. We slowly cruise the beaches in search of bears. Once a trophy size boar is spotted we then approach the beach downwind of the bear. We then leave the skiff and approach the bear quietly on foot. The average shot is within 100 yards but we have taken bears out to 200 yards.

Our average bear harvested will have a squared measurement of between 8 1/2 foot up to 10 foot. Most bears will weigh 600lbs to 900 lbs. We have taken bears that were estimated to be over 1000 lbs. Success rates are generally 85-90 percent.

Mountain goats are an exceptional trophy and we generally hunt them during November when they are in rut and long haired. This late season hunt is also a spot and stalk style of hunt. The goats are lower in elevation due to the rut and we are able to access the goats easier. This allows us to stay on the 'Chester B' for our meals and accommodations and makes for a very comfortable hunt. Here are the Alaska Professional Hunters Association awards we have received for Mountain Goats taken by our clients:

2005 1st and 3rd place awards

2006 1st place award

2011 1st and 2nd place awards


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