1Alaska Bear Hunts

Welcome to Alaska Bear Guides. We provide quality trophy hunts for Alaska Brown bear , Black bear , Mountain goat, Sitka blacktail deer and wolves.

We hunt brown bear primarily on Admiralty island. Admiralty has the highest density of brown bear in the world, the low estimate is 1.7 bears per square mile. We conduct hunts in both the spring and fall. However, most of the hunting occurs in the spring when the bears are just coming out of their dens and making their way to the beaches where we hunt them. Spring hunts are conducted from the 52' vessel "Chester B'. We use the Chester B as a floating lodge for our meals and accommodations and then we use 18' Lund skiffs to hunt from. We slowly cruise the beaches in search of bears. Once a trophy size boar is spotted we then approach the beach downwind of the bear. We then leave the skiff and approach the bear quietly on foot. The average shot is within 100 yards but we have taken bears out to 200 yards.


Fall hunts are more physical and definitely more interactive. We hunt the bears on the salmon streams as they are feeding on the spawning salmon. The average shot is 30-40 yards making this a popular hunt for bowhunters.

Our average bear harvested will have a squared measurement of between 8 1/2 foot up to 10 foot. Most bears will weigh 600lbs to 900 lbs. We have taken bears that were estimated to be over 1000 lbs. Success rates are generally 85-90 percent.

Scott-Mtn-Goat-2Mountain Goat Hunts

With a hunting season that begins August 1 and ends December 31 hunters have a lot of opportunity to hunt Mountain goats. We offer two styles of hunts. The Alpine style hunt takes place in August and September and is a fly-in or hike-in backpack style hunt. Hunting is done from a spike tent camp and goats are in their summer range. This is a very physical hunt and every billy is well earned. Hunt success is almost 100% on this hunt. Shots are 50-300 yards. Billies average 9 ½ inches with many 10 inch plus goats taken. This is a great hunt with excellent trophy potential for the hunter looking for a challenging, yet rewarding, style of hunt.

Scott-Mtn-Goat-3The late season hunts take place from late October to Early December with the majority of hunts being done in November. This is a boat-based hunt and is conducted from the 52’ Chester B. We use the Chester B as a floating lodge with meals and accommodations every evening. The late season hunt has some differences from the alpine style of hunt that makes it more desirable for older hunters or those looking for a less physical style of hunting. The goats are in their winter range and in the rut. Both of these factors make the goats more accessible and easier to harvest. In addition to this the goats are in their winter pelage with full beard and pantaloons and this makes for a very desirable trophy. Many successful hunters have life-size full bodied mounts of their trophies done.

Another added benefit to the late season hunt is the potential to add a Sitka Blacktail deer to the hunt. The deer rut is in November and every hunter should have a tag in their pocket. Sitka Blacktail deer are native to Southeast Alaska and a great trophy in their own right. They are smaller, and stockier than the average whitetail, but very beautiful with a dark forehead and a double throat patch. Deer tags are over-the-counter with a limit of two bucks.
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