What to Bring

Every hunt in Alaska experiences many different weather conditions. While not all-inclusive, the following list is a good start for things that you want to consider when packing for your Alaska hunting adventure.

Equipment List

Brown Bear Hunt

Kuiu Yukon raingear

Spring bear hunts X-tra tuf boots

Fall bear hunts- waders



Shooting sticks/bipod

Flashlight/ Headlamp

Warm hat/gloves

.300 Mag or larger

40 rounds of ammunition (Swift A-Frame preferred)


Personal Hygiene Items


Mountain Goat Hunt

Kuiu raingear

Boots: Meindl or Kenetrek




Warm hat/gloves

Personal Hygiene Items
Clothing- As a ‘rule of thumb’ for hunting clothes you will want to bring synthetic clothing and use the layered clothing system.

Bring a set of lightweight and medium weight long underwear – tops and bottoms (I recommend Patagonia or Mountain Hardwear) and a midweight midlayer such as Mountain Hardwears Compressor jacket. This jacket utilizes Primaloft for insulation and wicks moisture away from your body keeping you dry. Fleece midweights or midweights utilizing Gore-tex Windstopper are also recommended.

Wool works fine and can be worn as an outerlayer under your raingear. However, the downside of wool is it gets heavy when it is wet.

Socks- I recommend Smartwool socks with a Coolmax liner to prevent blisters. Minimum 3 pairs each.

Goat hunters: I highly recommend Rocky brand Gore-tex socks. Gore-tex socks are actually a booty that fit over your Coolmax liner sock and outer Smartwool sock and keep your feet warm and dry. Available online at rockyboots.com

Raingear- Good raingear is your best defense against getting wet. Make sure your raingear will fit over your layered clothing. Side zips on pants are nice, to be able to put on over your boots. We recommend Kuiu Yukon or Chugach raingear.

Bear hunters: We recommend X-tra boots for spring bear hunts. X-tra boots are mid-calf high red rubber boots and are worn by virtually every commercial fisherman and coastal resident of Alaska. They have a soft sole and are very comfortable and give great traction on Alaska’s slippery beaches. Available locally upon arrival or online at xtratufboots.com.

Please do not bring cotton clothes to hunt with. Cotton absorbs moisture and does not dry well.




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