What you can expect from us:

• We will provide a quality hunt at the best times available to hunt mature trophy animals.

• We have top notch equipment.

• Accommodations -- You will have a warm, dry bed every night and an opportunity for hot showers every day

• Meals -- We cook Alaskan home-style meals with Halibut, Salmon and Crab on every trip

• You will receive personal attention before and after every trip, no question is too small. Lots of communication is recommended, so that when you come, there are no surprises.

• We provide field preparation of the trophies, shipping will be arranged at your expense.

• You will receive one-on-one guide service by professional licensed guides that are knowledgeable and experienced.

What we expect from you:

We appreciate hunters that are ethical and responsible and are willing to 'go the distance' in pursuit of a trophy male animal. When it comes time to harvest an animal we will put you in as good a position as possible for the shot. We will expect you to be comfortable with your weapon of choice and shoot only when told to. Be sure your guide is ready for you to shoot and that he is ready for a follow up shot (bears only). We will not shoot unless the bear is visibly hit and escaping. We will expect you to continue shooting until either we say to stop shooting or the bear has stopped moving. Again, LOOK at your guide and make sure he is ready for you to shoot. Too many times we have had people shoot before we were ready or we said not to shoot and the client said"All I heard was shoot."

You will need to shoot your bear 'Broadside -center of the shoulder' The lungs are in between the shoulders and that is the goal. Hit the animal in the lungs. Whether the bear is quartering towards you or away from you you will need to envision the opposite shoulder and aim for that. If the bear is coming directly towards you aim for the chest. Head shots are not recommended. The head is usually swinging from side to side and the brain is a relatively small target compared to the chest.

When you do shoot try not to shoot a moving animal unless you absolutely have to. Usually they will stop long enough for a shot but sometimes you have to make the best of the opportunity.

I recommend .300 Win Mag (my favorite) or larger caliber. I highly recommend Swift A-Frame bullets. Barnes bullets are fine. Please do not bring Noslers of any kind.

Sight your gun in 1" high at 100 yards. Shooting sticks or a bipod are great aids in shooting but there is no substitute for practicing offhand. Practice shooting from different stances before you arrive for your hunt. Remember-chance favors the prepared mind.

Safety is of the utmost importance. Do not put a round in the chamber until your guide tells you to do so. Be conscious of where your barrel is at all times. When on board any of our vessels please leave your bolt/action open.

We hope that you are understanding of Alaska weather. It can be unforgiving at times. We have good equipment and we do our best to make prudent conservative judgments regarding travel and hunting in poor weather. Weather also plays a huge factor in the movement of animals. We do not control the weather or the animals. Hunting and life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do about it. We will work hard and do our best to put you on game.

That about covers it. I have lots of stories to back up these topics. Communication is key and I recommend you call and talk to me as much as possible so you know what to expect-what we can provide for you- and what we expect from you. We only take you to the 'moment of truth'. From there it is up to you and we want you to be prepared for that moment.
Call: (907) 723-1053 - Email: seaguide@gci.net